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Advertising Dept.
Persian Weekly paper  
Tel: 02074332516
Mobile: 07811000455
Fax: 02070234921
Email: sales@persianweekly.co.uk 

Copy Deadlines 
Sections Deadlines 
Main News 12pm Wednesday
All other newsprint 12pm Wednesday
Cancellation Deadlines 
Sections Deadlines 
Colour in writing by 6pm, 7 working days prior to publication 
All newsprint sections Mono in writing by 6pm, 10 working days prior to publication 

Terms and conditions 
Orders are accepted subject to the current standard conditions of advertisements legislation in UK. 
Acceptance is conditional upon the warranty from advertise that the advertisements do not contravene any of the provisions of the rules, are not libellous or obscene, and do not contravene any third party rights. 

Payment for advertisements must be made in accordance with the terms laid down by Persian Weekly. 

Persian Weekly can accept no liability for any loss or damage caused by error or inaccuracy in the printing or omission of any advertisement. Advertisements normally appear in all editions, however, at right for production or legal reasons to omit certain advertisements from the international edition. The editor reserves the right to move advertisements at his discretion. The advertiser indemnified against all claims, costs proceedings, demands, losses, damages, expenses or liability whatsoever arising as a result of any breach or non-performance of any of the representations, warranties or other terms contained herein or implied by law. 

Persian Weekly owns the copying in all advertisements written or designed by us or our behalf. It is a condition of placing an advertisement with us that we have the right to reproduce the advertisement in other media at any time until the expiry of one month from the date the advertisement was last published in Persian Weekly. Any reproduction of a selection of or all of the advertisements published in Persian Weekly is expressly forbidden. 

Cancellation Policy 
Any advertisement cancelled after 6pm on deadline day will be liable for full cost of the advertisement. 
For more information about advertising in Persian Weekly please call to:

1. Advertising clients may only allow amending information (including classified advertisement) once a week/Issue by sending email or fax to us, and the information need to be received by us before 6pm every Tuesday, and it would not be acceptable on or after every Wednesday. 
۲٫ All rights reserved by Persian Weekly, include advertisement location and style on the newspaper, please make a supplement to us if you have any special needs.

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